Our Advantage

Not all developers are created equal.

Many claim an advantage. Few prove it. We do.

Proven Experience

Our portfolio includes projects in 40 U.S. states totaling 2.3 GW nationwide, with more than 3.4 GW of additional greenfield and brownfield projects under construction/contract, in development, or in the pipeline. Globally, our solar footprint is ~10 GW. From smaller municipal utilities to major investor-owned utilities; Fortune 2000 companies; local, state, and federal government agencies; and educational and other institutions, we’ve been there and done that.

Customer-Centric Solutions & Partnerships 

We’re technology- and vendor-agnostic, so we can assemble the best portfolio of solutions—from large-scale, off-site solar to on-site solar to battery energy storage and more—designed to deliver the best combination of economics, performance, reliability, and value to you.




With end-to-end services all under one roof (early-stage development, 100% financing options, design and engineering, construction, and asset management), we handle the details while you benefit from the solar energy you really care about. And as your energy partner, we’re with you for the long term to achieve your goals.

Lasting Financial Strength 

With the backing of century-old global giant Panasonic (founded in 1918), we’ve shown the ability to weather more than our share of economic ups and downs and can confidently claim the largest cash on balance sheet in the solar business. At a time when smaller players are facing an uncertain future and some major players have gone bankrupt, you can be sure we’ll still be with you and your projects 20 years or more from now. In 2016, Forbes named Panasonic—a Fortune Global 500 company—to its list of “World’s Most Valuable Brands.”

Unparalleled Asset Lifecycle Reliability

Solar is a long-term investment. We make sure your investment is de-risked and will perform reliability for its lifetime. That’s why we offer one of the single strongest production guarantees around, and pair it with long-term O&M support managed out of our brand new, state-of-the-art network operations center (NOC) in Denver, CO.


Award-Winning Innovation

We’ve built an award-winning reputation for clean energy innovation, including from the prestigious IEEE, Solar+Power Awards, Canadian Solar Industries Association, Zayed Future Energy Prize, and the White House. We’ve been in solar since 1975, longer than almost anyone else. Over those 40+ years, we’ve constantly pushed the boundaries of the clean energy revolution.  For example, as recently as early 2016 Panasonic’s HIT solar panels held the world record for module conversion efficiency and Panasonic remains a world leader in Li-ion batteries.



At Coronal Energy, powered by Panasonic, we're defining the next era of clean energy innovation, with:

  • De-risked projects in a solutions portfolio tailored to each customer,
  • Best-in-class financing, engineering, and construction,
  • Long-term asset management,
  • Battery energy storage and other solar-plus capabilities, and
  • 100% financing options that make solar easy from day one

Multinational Capabilities

With access to Coronal and Panasonic sister offices in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, we offer a convenient one-stop shop for multinational corporations pursuing a clean energy strategy across their global portfolio.

Sustainability Leadership

When it comes to renewable energy and sustainability, we don’t just develop solutions for others; we also walk the talk. For example, our new Denver office is expected to be net-zero with a 200+ kW rooftop solar array and innovative microgrid. In addition, Panasonic ranked #5 overall and #1 among tech companies on Interbrand and Deloitte’s most recent “Best Global Green Brands” report in 2014. Panasonic Corporation of North America’s headquarters in Newark, NJ, is LEED Platinum certified. Read Panasonic’s most recent sustainability report from 2015.

Passion for Solar 

Renewable energy is much more than “just a job” for us. It’s also our passion. We’ve dedicated our careers to making clean, reliable solar energy the future of electricity. That’s why our team members have been recognized, awarded, and involved in all things solar, including:

  • Named one of the “Five Most Influential People in Renewable Energy” by Euromoney/Institutional Investor
  • Past member of the Board of Directors of the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA)
  • Chair of the “Integration of Renewable Energy into the Transmission and Distribution Grid” subcommittee of IEEE
  • Faculty member for the Electricity Innovation Lab’s e-Lab Accelerator