Performance Operations Specialist

Title: Performance Operations Specialist


The Performance Operation Specialist is responsible for continuously overseeing the performance of the operating assets and triggers corrective actions when necessary. He/she performs operational analysis and provides accurate data to the rest of the Asset Management Homeroom and the Executive team.

Roles and Responsibilities

• Evaluates energy generation performance of utility scale systems

• Monitors the status of the DG portfolio, responds to alarms by taking appropriate corrective actions and executes plant shut-down and start-up procedures as required

• Monitors equipment performance and diagnoses potential problems; maintains equipment logs, operational logs, and other reports as required

• Performs operational analysis as required to support Asset Managers. Creates, reviews and distributes daily, weekly and monthly internal operating reports

• Delivers status reports to the Executive team

• Provides support to the Asset Manager in the preparation of periodic reports relating to plant operation and maintenance

• Supports forecasting requirements

• Manage data quality - detects missing and inaccurate data; corrects the issues

• Ensures projects database, production trackers and dashboards are up to date and accurate

• Constantly works to improve the monitoring process in an effort to be more accurate and efficient by developing and upgrading data acquisition, processing and reporting tools; writes scripts, macros and programs to automate routine analyses and actions

• Identifies site / equipment issues before they become large risk; develops predictive maintenance tools

• Delivers regulatory reporting

• Participates actively in testing and commissioning of new projects


• Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering degree preferred

• 3-5 years as in power plant / high voltage substation operations and/or complementary combination of education and experience in a service environment that includes electrical systems and power generation plants

• Familiarity with commercial, industrial and utility-scale electrical systems. Ability to read and interpret blueprints, diagrams, schematics, drawings, manuals, and specifications

• Excellent technical, analytical and communication skills, strong interpersonal skills

• Knowledge of predictive maintenance technologies

• Proficient in Microsoft Excel

• Ability to work within tight deadlines

• Ability to multi task


Pasadena, or Davis CA

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