Our Approach

Not all customers are the same.

That’s why we focus on solutions tailored to you.








Your Trusted Energy Partner

On the road to renewable energy, you don’t have to go it alone. We’re committed to being your
clean energy partner for the long term. Learn more about how we partner with you.


We assess your existing facilities, energy profile, business goals, regulatory environment, and other elements to fully understand your needs, today and tomorrow.


We propose a future-proof energy strategy tailored to meet your goals, with a solutions portfolio tailored to you.


Once we’ve agreed on your chosen strategy, we deliver, bringing your smarter solar to life with best-in-class solution delivery, guaranteed for the long term.


Real-time monitoring and optimization ensures that your projects are performing at their best and generating the most value for your business.


Launching an energy strategy isn’t a one-step, one-time process. It can progress in stages over time. We also know that business needs and goals, regulations, energy markets, and other variables can change. That’s why we’re committed to an ongoing partnership with you, to enhance and evolve your energy strategy as needed over time—including adding battery energy storage, smart efficient demand, and other options—to make sure you’re always getting the best smarter solar that’s smarter business.

A Portfolio of Solutions


When it comes to solutions matched to your business, one size doesn’t fit all. We’re able to assemble a custom portfolio—from large-scale, off-site solar to on-site options such as rooftop and carport solar to battery energy storage—optimized for your goals and business needs.

Utility-Scale Solar

Transmission-connected, ground-mounted, large-scale projects of 5+ MW offer the strongest economies of scale. When procured via physical or virtual power purchase agreements, they’re a flexible and attractive option.

Commercial Rooftop

Commercial customers have installed 1+ GW of solar in each of the four years 2012–2015. Some 90% of that solar has been rooftop systems, which makes valuable use of your buildings’ square footage while delivering brand reputational benefits from their on-site visibility.

Carport Solar

More than 3,500 square miles of the U.S. is covered in parking spaces. Carport solar puts the PV in—or more accurately, over—your pavement while adding valuable shade, improved lighting, and other benefits.

Community Solar & Ground-Mount Solar

Open land—a field adjacent to a building or highway, a landfill, a brownfield—can provide an ideal site for revenue-generating ground-mounted solar systems, including community solar that expands access to clean energy.

Battery Energy Storage

From grid integration of solar and other renewables, to providing backup power, to peak shaving and demand charge management for customers, to a suite of ancillary grid services for utilities, batteries are a powerful asset that’s transforming the electricity grid.

Solar+Storage Microgrids

Whether to bolster the grid’s resilience against blackouts, weather, and natural disasters or to integrate more solar into that grid, solar+storage microgrids can offer tremendous value to utilities, cities, districts, corporate campuses, major real estate developments, and others.


Smarter solar is our passion, but we know it might not be yours. That’s why we take the complexity out of the process by offering simple, easy 100% financing options.

Smarter solar is simpler solar, whether via a lease or the popular power purchase agreement (PPA). PPAs let you focus on what you do best: running your core business. With a typical power purchase agreement, you contract for the solar energy and associated renewable energy credits (RECs), but we own and operate the asset. Leave solar CapEx off your balance sheet and enjoy long-term, stable OpEx from day one. Our world-class team handles the rest, covering the full project lifecycle under one roof:


Early-Stage Development & Design

Smarter solar begins with a solid foundation. We perform energy production and financial modeling, site visualizations, interconnection assessments, civil planning, permitting, and for greenfield utility-scale projects, also secure site control.

Project Financing

One of the biggest hurdles for developing renewable energy projects has been obtaining capital from multiple sources and at competitive rates. We can provide a variety of financing options that eliminate the need for upfront capital outlays, simplifying solar and mitigating project delivery risk.


Detailed, knowledgeable civil and electrical engineering is the core of smarter solar that unlocks and sustains superior long-term performance and value. From hydrology studies and plans to civil and structural design, and from array layouts to single line diagrams for interconnection, learn more about our full suite of advanced engineering services.

Procurement & Construction

We transform your energy solution from idea to reality. And the quality of a project can only be as good as the firm building it. From our safety record to our project management experience to unmatched performance guarantees, we build solar right.

Asset Management with O&M

Solar is a long-term investment, and the journey doesn’t end when a project interconnects and goes live. Once your project has been constructed and is operational, we manage the asset for the duration of the system’s life.